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Die-cut sheets PLT-F Load Former

Palletising lines
Technical data

Process database
12” colour touchscreen interface
35 pre-set layer formation configurations (upgradable)
Inverter driven

Die-cut sheets - PLT-F Load Former
Die-cut sheets - PLT-F Load Former
Die-cut sheets - PLT-F Load Former
Die-cut sheets - PLT-F Load Former
Die-cut sheets - PLT-F Load Former

Comprehensive palletising line specially designed to stack bundles of die-cut sheets in flat or rotary mode. The line is made up of an automatic load former that stacks medium-large bundles of die-cut sheets complete with automatic interlayer feeder, alignment on all four sides and conveyor to feed base sheets or pallets (pallet feeder and automatic base feeder are optional).

Other devices can be added to the line depending on the characteristics and requirements of the palletising process: BRK Breaker, a separation device that, making use of hydraulics, separates bundles of up to 400 mm in height. As a result of a double movement, the coupling points are broken both frontally and laterally; perfect for pizza boxes.

GM bundle turntable, fully controlled by an inverter. Automatic device to direct and match the bundles of die-cut sheets before and after they are separated.

VST layer turner to turn over the bundles of die-cut sheets, especially suitable for wrapping ceramic tiles. Pneumatic closing of conveyors, inverter-controlled rotation and forward motion.

An easy-to-use 12” colour touchscreen serves as the line configuration interface. It is easily read and understood by the operator

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