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STS Stripper Stacker

Rotary die cutter line
Technical data

Maximum workable sizes:

mm. 2.400 x 1.700
mm. 2.800 x 1.700
mm. 3.200 x 1.700

Max stack height: 2200 mm upon request
Process database
12” colour touchscreen interface
Inverter driven

STS Stripper Stacker
STS Stripper Stacker
STS Stripper Stacker
STS Stripper Stacker
STS Stripper Stacker
STS Stripper Stacker
STS Stripper Stacker

Machine to pick up and stack die-cut sheets; a key device to be used together with rotary die-cutters. The machine can be supplied equipped to pick up stacks or bundles. For the latter, the machine works in synchronicity with the palletising lines of the die-cut sheets.

Round belt stripper with automatic adjustment. Directly connected to the die-cutter unit, it picks up die-cut sheets and clips off any process burr. Installed inside a fully modular, easy-to-inspect, sound-absorbing room, that serves to drastically minimise noise and confine the dispersion of dust resulting from the process.

No-crash conveyance section; to work with multiple layers without coupling points; sheets are guided so that they do not overlap.

Stacker consisting of two variable-speed conveyor sections; it creates a perfect product shingling effect to stack sheets properly. In between the two conveyors there is an automatic device to stop product feeding and consequently to make it possible to change stacks or bundles without the need to interrupt the work cycle. It works in synchronicity with the last section of the machine.

Picking prefeeder. A device consisting of a belt surface, retractable forks and joggers on all four sides. To properly align and stack sheets whether in stacks or bundles. A further component is needed for working with bundles- a device below the picker picks up the packs of sheets directly from the forks and clears them without interrupting the production cycle. The set-up of the stripper-stacker is fully automatic and can be programmed via the configuration touchscreen. Each adjustment can be saved to a database to be recovered for further repetitive processes.

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